Are you ready to balance your hormones and reverse your PCOS?

Are you ready to balance your hormones and reverse your PCOS?

Product Launch Announcement
10 August 2021

The Ultimate Guide to PCOS is a downloadable program designed by a Clinical Nutritionist to help you get to the underlying causes of your PCOS and learn how to treat your unique body to reverse your PCOS. 

What you will discover in this guide:

  • Understanding PCOS
  • What causes PCOS
  • The 4 PCOS types & identifying your underlying causes
  • 5 step guide to balance your hormones
  • Finding your unique carb tolerance (no more restricting carbs!)
  • What you should know about PCOS & fertility
  • PCOS nutrition and macronutrient guides
  • Tips and tricks for healthy living
  • PCOS friendly meal inspiration
  • Nutritionist designed 2 week meal plan
  • Over 40 delicious & easy recipes including breakfast, mains, sides, snacks & desserts!

No strict diets, no counting calories, no skipping carbs. Just achievable and sustainable nutrition and lifestyle advice backed by science. All for a fraction of the price of a 1:1 nutrition consultation.

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