Beauty Food's range has expanded

Beauty Food's range has expanded

Product Launch Announcement
27 January 2021

Australian lifestyle brand Beauty Food, founded by busy Mum, Author, Speaker, Presenter and trainer Libby Babet and Exercise Physiologist and Nutritionist Veronika Larisova.

Beauty Food is excited to launch a range of naughty tasting but guilt free Collagen packed snacks with busy women in mind, because who needs more hangriness and guilt in their lives, right!?

Following on from the success of the original Beauty Food Collagen Cookies, the brand has now launched three nut butters packed with collagen in iconic flavours; Berry Bombshell, Choc Chic and Peanut Nutter. All natural, simple ingredients plus the benefits of added collagen to support hair, skin, nails and more. Sweetened with monk fruit, these nut butters are low in sugar so you can spread, dip or drizzle guilt free.

Now comes the launch of their first Bioactive Marine Collagen Powder, unflavoured and odourless, so you can sneak it into any recipe or meal and reap the benefits. As we all know, beauty starts from the inside and Beauty Food's exciting new range of Collagen based products are clinically proven to keep you looking and feeling younger.

All products are available to buy now through the Beauty Food website.


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