Chin Chin are hosting ‘Garden of Eatin’’ plant-based feast

Chin Chin are hosting ‘Garden of Eatin’’ plant-based feast

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13 April 2021

As part of their party week to celebrate turning 10, Chin Chin are hosting a vegan and vegetarian ‘Garden of Eatin’’ feast. 

‘Immerse yourself in a night of lush garden greenery, whilst devouring a delicious Feed Me style vegan feast. Dig into a plant powered Chin Chin feed, including Crispy Noodle Salad with Sweet Corn, Roasted Long Green Eggplant with Stir Fried Firm Tofu, Northern Style Mushroom Laab and sip through matched drinks by Four Pillars.’ 

At the end of the evening, you’ll also be gifted a DIY Mushroom Growing Kit from Fable Food Co, with custom Chin Chin recipes to make at home. 

Join the celebration on Tuesday 8th June at 7pm by booking your ticket here.  


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