F45 launches new FS8 concept with Mick Fanning

F45 launches new FS8 concept with Mick Fanning

Opening Announcement
15 April 2021

F45 and Australian pro surfer Mick Fanning have joined forces to create an all-new workout, combining the best of wellness movement and training — FS8.
This multi-modality workout combines the principles of Yoga, Pilates and toning into a 45-minute circuit, setting itself apart from F45 through its low impact toning movements and the incorporation of stretching. The initials in the name stand for ‘Functional’ and ‘Style’ respectively, with the 8 representing the number of exercise styles that are incorporated into the full-body, results-based workout.
Over 50 FS8 studios will be opening across Australia — find out more here
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