Hemple CBD announces launch of environmentally-friendly bottle for CBD

Hemple CBD announces launch of environmentally-friendly bottle for CBD

Industry Announcement
03 August 2021 

In order to reduce the amount of waste from products, CBD brand Hemple have updated the packaging of Hemple CBD and introduced the Echo bottle, a reusable titanium bottle that will last a decade. The CBD will now come in a refill sachet.  

‘This allows us to reduce 98% of the plastic and 70% of Carbon associated with packaging and shipping. To close the loop, we will take 100% responsibility for the recycling of the refill sachet, by asking you to send it back to us in a pre-paid return to sender envelope.’ 

Along with this change, Hemple have partnered with Plastic Bank and One Tree Planted, donating $1 for every bottle sold to remove 50 plastic bottles from the ocean and plant a tree for every refill sachet planted.  

The reusable bottles of CBD are now available for pre-order here.  


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