Her Trails ‘Her 21.1 Trail’ training program is here

Her Trails ‘Her 21.1 Trail’ training program is here

Product Launch Announcement
13 July 2021

Founded by runners Bec Wilcock and Samantha Gash, ‘Her Trails’ is a female trail and adventure platform providing holistic programs and retreats for aspiring trail or long-distance runners.  

Her 21.1 Trail’ is a 12-week holistic training program that’s been launched to support and train women who want to explore trails and build up their running skills that can ultimately help them run a half marathon trail.

The program includes a run program, weekly mindset videos, strength workouts, mobility sessions, a specially-curated run podcast, fortnightly physio Q&A sessions and a supportive Facebook community group, all led by an expert team in the fields of running, strength, physical therapy, nutrition and mindset.  

More information on the program commencing Monday 26th July can be accessed here.  

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