Holistic work & wellness concept ‘Club W’ to open

Holistic work & wellness concept ‘Club W’ to open

Opening Announcement
13 July 2021 

Opening soon in Cronulla, Club W is the ultimate community wellness space combining Wellness Lounge, Wellness Collective and Wellness Coworking.  

Memberships, packages and casual visit passes will be available for each space. The Wellness Lounge membership includes an O2 Breathing and Meditation chair, Recovery Massage chair, a social lounge, movement studios, quiet meditation rooms, a wellness café and more, while the Wellness Collective membership includes 5 sessions per month for the infrared sauna plus full access to the Wellness Lounge.  

Founding memberships for each space are currently on presale at discounted rates for a limited time. View the offering here and to find out more about the space, head to

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