Launch of Chi Elements, Wellness Retreats inspired by the Elements

Launch of Chi Elements, Wellness Retreats inspired by the Elements

General Announcement
22 June 2021

Chi Elements exists on the belief that Yoga and wellness belongs with everyone. ​​

We've designed four unique retreats inspired by the elements which incorporate Yoga in one of its many forms alongside an additional activity to meet the needs and desires of Aussies from all walks of life. ​

Grounded Yogi's will adore our Earth Retreat, ​a chance to deepen both your connection and understanding of our planet and how to protect it. 

Aspiring Acrobats will reach new heights at our Air Retreat, focusing on inversions, arm balances and acrobatics. When we're not upside down, we'll be hiking or exploring the mountains. ​

Our Fire Retreat is designed for Fitness Fanatics who embrace the burn but recognise the importance of stretching afterwards. We couple high intensity workouts with power vinyasa for the perfect balance. ​

Last but not least, whether you're a seasoned shredder or just dipping your toes in the ocean, our Water Retreat is designed for all all Water Babies to improve your surf skills through Yoga movements and maximum time in the water. 

Start your journey into the elements @chi.elements on Instagram.


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