Meditation for Men Course

Meditation for Men Course

Industry Announcement
23 June 2021

LEARN TO MEDITATE - 6 Week course. Designed by Blokes for Blokes - 'Direct & Down the Line' content and delivery.
This course is a no frills deep dive into the world of meditation for men.
We cut through all the fluff and get really practical about the power of meditation in the here and now.
We don’t delve into the past and the origins of the universe and we don’t talk about what happens when we are all dead and buried.
We focus on the now, who a man is in his present day and on tools, hacks and learnings that can support him to cultivate connection Capacity and community.
Right now life is challenging for all of us. We have the transitions of covid, social and economic change and a whole lot to contend with.
At meditation for men we give a man the tools to cope, to gain perspective and to feel like he can handle life’s ebbs and flows.
And that is why this course is so powerfully simple.


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