Natural plant based chewing gum 'Brew Chews' is here

Natural plant based chewing gum 'Brew Chews' is here

Product Launch Announcement
03 December 2020

Most chewing gums are made up of synthetic ingredients and plastic. Brew Chews is a plant-based chewing gum to be chewed after coffee and food. It helps improve oral health and the acidity in the mouth and have amazing breath afterwards- good for you and good for the earth.
As a Naturopath with over 15 years clinical experience, I found that many people struggle with gut health. Whenever I treat the gut I need to look at it in its entirety and that includes the mouth as this is where it all starts. 
I discovered that there was a range of issues going on in the mouth, and the biggest cause was that the pH was too acidic, which creates an environment conducive to promoting bad bacteria which promotes tooth decay and other issues- one of the biggest contributors to acidity in the mouth is coffee.
This led to the development of Brew Chews, a Natural plant-based chewing gum that helps correct the pH and oral health after you have food and coffee- and leaves you with fresh breath!

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