Rinascentia® skincare cleans up at Australian Non-Toxic Awards

Rinascentia® skincare cleans up at Australian Non-Toxic Awards

Press Release
03 December 2020

Small business has never meant small impacts. At least, that’s not what it’s meant for Rinsacentia®, a skincare brand who’s made a big impact on the beauty world. Cleaning up several gold star, editors choice and bronze medals at the Australian Non Toxic Awards has been well earned and a monumental achievement for this fast- expanding company in 2020.

Rinascentia® is a women’s small business proudly supporting sustainability, human rights, high quality ingredients and chemical free luxury beauty.

“I liked the rose scent in this product, as well as the brand’s commitment to no plastic beads, no animal testing and ethically sourced ingredients,” comments Bonnie G, an editor and judge. Another judge, Sigourney Cantelo, also showed appreciation for Plane Jane, the Gold winning (and Editor’s choice) serum claiming, “The light and runny consistency left skin cool and hydrated. I also like that they are a company who actively support women’s issues, are eco-aware and contribute to various charities.”

More than ever, our world today is embracing non toxic culture and sustainability as a lifestyle choice. The world is saying no to animal cruelty, no to mistreatment of the planet and its people, no to harmful chemicals and yes to health and well-being, human rights and environmentally friendly choices all around. Rinascentia® has proven that small business can and will continue to take the lead in consumers choices for ethical and cosmetic reasons. And that, is a beautiful thing.

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