Savvy Beverages into the finals of UTS Startups Awards

Savvy Beverages into the finals of UTS Startups Awards

Press Release
24 August 2021

Savvy Beverages enters into the finals of UTS Startups Award for BEST STARTUP for 2nd consecutive year. 

The UTS Startups Awards is committed to practical innovation and to the development of impact-driven research that benefits industry and the broader community. This awards recognise those who have leveraged this research to build a business that's driving change in the world around us.

There are many amazing startups in several fields competing for the award, and UTS Startups is an amazing community providing a huge amount of support and resources to the startup community in Australia. Pushing innovation and celebrating success. 

The finals are on Tuesday 28 September 2021. 

Savvy Beverages have been recognised for awards in two categories, application of research, and best established UTS startup.

It is truly humbling to see hard work paying off, and being recognised for making products based on science and in collaboration with health professionals. 

See University of Technology Sydney writeup here

See their instagram here: 


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