Savvy Coffee launches sachets

Savvy Coffee launches sachets

Product Launch Announcement
03 August 2021

A local Byron Bay based startup has upgraded coffee with ingredients to make it better for your brain!
Savvy Beverages have worked with nutritionists and food scientists to nutritionally upgrade coffee with added ingredients to give your brain a boost. Each coffee cup has 87% organic Arabica Coffee, and 13% herbal extracts, amino acids and vitamins bursting with benefits that help you to improve focus, reduce stress and boost your mood.
The best part is that it tastes better than any other coffee on the market, and the benefits are so much better than your average cuppa!!
Savvy is an eco-friendly startup that donates a percentage of profits to Life Education (Healthy Harold) and also cares a lot about helping people to get the most out of every day in the healthiest way.

We are launching into sachets so people can enjoy the benefits on the go, and not just in our biodegradable coffee pods. 

We aim to launch this before the end of Q1!! 


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