The Green Edit launches podcast with clean beauty creators and innovators

The Green Edit launches podcast with clean beauty creators and innovators

Industry Announcement
12 October 2021  

Sustainable beauty platform The Green Edit has launched The Green Edit Podcast, discussing the latest in clean, high-performance beauty.
Hosted by The Green Edit Founder Cathy Tolpigin, the show interviews brand founders, formulators, beauty innovators and wellness experts.⠀⠀ 
‘Together we unpack the various definitions of clean, share inspiring brand stories, and cover the latest innovations in the green beauty industry — with a few product recommendations thrown in, of course.’ 
The podcast has launched with the first 10 episodes being available featuring:
Ep 1 - Journalist Emily Algar Chats To The Green Edit Founder Cathy Tolpigin
Ep 2 - Former Editor and Ipsum Skin Founder Janet Hayward on the Power of Plant-Based Skincare
Ep 3 - Fertility, Pregnancy and Holistic Beauty with Naturopath and Edible Beauty Founder Anna Mitsios
Ep 4 - Ere Perez On Clean Makeup And Formulating Mascara That Can Withstand The Sydney Summer
Ep 5 - Kinesiologist and Aromatherapist Andrea O’Shea on Clearing Meridian Energy Pathways To Achieve Healthier Skin
Ep 6 - Biologist and Formula Botanica CEO Lorraine Dallmeier On How To Create An Organic Beauty Brand
Ep 7 - Recreation Beauty Founder Nedahl Stelio On The Power of Clean Fragrance
Ep 8 - les huilettes Founder Pascale Gal on French Beauty, Organic Skincare and The Power of Oils
Ep 9 - Makeup Artist Erin Norden, Curating High Performance Beauty Brands and Treatments For Clean Beauty Market
Ep 10 - Results Driven Skincare With Super Powered Phyto-Active Ingredients, Trudi Jaye Co-founder of Retreatment Botanics 
Listen to the podcast here. ⠀⠀

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