Women's cycles, magic and medicine.

Women's cycles, magic and medicine.

Product Launch Announcement
24 August 2021

Welcome divine women, to this workshop. As women I believe it is so important for us to connect with and learn to love our menstrual cycle.  We hold so much power, wisdom and medicine within our cycle, and we get a new chance to deepen our connection every single month. 

There is so much power we have access to if we choose to tune in. 

When we learn to work with our cycle, rather than against her we are able to tune into more flow and freedom within ourselves and our lives.

In this online workshop you will be taken through the history of our cycle, the connection we as women have with the moon and nature, and how to harness the magic of each of the 4 phases. As well as being guided through a ceremony meditation to connect you even deeper with your blood, womb and cycle. 

Connecting with these deeper parts of self, allows us to connect deeper into our truth and our self trust, we are able to open our hearts even further & have a greater love and appreciation for our body. 

As women we are born creators, goddess's with the ability to manifest, we have ALL the medicine within. Imagine being able to harness all of this, what would your life look like? If you could really work with your flow? 

Looking forward to seeing you inside the workshop. 

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