Australia’s first hemp based ice-cream is here 

Australia’s first hemp based ice-cream is here 

Product Launch Announcement
26 April 2022 

SuperSeed ice cream is Australia's first retail plant-based ice cream made from hemp harnessing all of its benefits. 

The 100% plant-based ice cream is made from hemp and sunflower seeds, is free from allergens like dairy, gluten and nuts and comes in biodegradable packaging.  Chocolate fudge, mixed berry, salted caramel, mango passionfruit and mint chocolate flavours are now available at independent grocers and health food stores across Victoria.   

SuperSeed is expected to be loved by eco-warriors given that hemp seed crops are more sustainable than nut crops and dairy farming. They use less water to grow, use less land than dairy farming and absorb four times more carbon dioxide than trees.  

Find out more about the Australian first here.

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