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Hop on board to become a shareholder in the future of food

Hop on board to become a shareholder in the future of food

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05 October 2022

Want to be part of creating a more sustainable food system for the planet? This is your opportunity!
Circle Harvest is redefining the future of food with protein-based, healthy snacks using an alternative source of protein to help cut down on the resources used by the meat industry. Is the answer bugging you?
It’s crickets! Yep, as Circle Harvest states, the next big thing in food is little. This innovative company was one of the first in the biz to start using cricket as an alternative protein source, farming cricket protein since 2007 with the aim of feeding more people using less resources.
The company has just had refresh and rebrand of their retail range and is ready to expand their manufacturing and jump into the global market, offering you an exciting opportunity to invest in this sustainable shift in our food industry.
Not only does Harvest Circle use just a tiny bit of energy, water and land to farm the crickets compared to other animal protein farming, making it the most sustainable protein sources around, but their snacks are clean and healthy, with their corn chips made from just four natural ingredients — Aussie corn, cricket protein powder, salt and sunflower oil, AND contain more protein than one egg! Not only are crickets high in protein, but they also contain essential micronutrients, vitamins and fatty acids  which helps make them one of the best superfoods around.
‘With the 3 times the amount of Omega 3 as spinach, twice as much Calcium as milk and more iron than spinach as well as a compete amino acid profile we need to start including edible insects as part of a balanced and varied diet.’
Excited to hop on board? Register your interest by 9th October and find out more about the company’s mission here
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