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Could these new deluxe PEMF mats be the ticket to being your BEST CELLF?

Could these new deluxe PEMF mats be the ticket to being your BEST CELLF?

Product Launch
19 June 2024

If you’re thinking- ‘what is a PEMF mat and how can it help my well-being???’ we’ve got you covered!

First let’s dive into some science before we also drop you a discount code, and spoiler- your body is an electromagnetic apparatus!

Our cells use cellular energy to communicate and carry out thousands of metabolic processes simultaneously, and the quality of our cellular energy depends on the vitality of electrical fields and the chemical makeup of our cells. When these components are depleted, not only are our cells unable to effectively do their job, but a lack of cellular energy makes cells more susceptible to disease.

The aim of PEMF therapy is to support cellular energy by recharging cells and assisting them in getting back to their ‘best cellves’ (side note- that’s not a typo and we’ll get to why in a minute)! 

PEMF devices -like those in the new deluxe BEST CELLF range founded by Candice Groves on the sunny GC- do this by pulsing electromagnetic fields through the body, influencing the bio-magnetic state of cells to generate electrical pulses themselves, improving circulation and blood flow to transport nutrients, hormones and oxygen throughout the body and improving ATP (cell fuel) production.

To further elevate the rejuvenating benefits of PEMF therapy, BEST CELLF’s new range also integrates red light and far infrared therapy.

Red light penetrates the skin to a depth that is optimal for promoting collagen production and reducing inflammation, whilst Far Infrared therapy is often used in saunas to induce sweating, detoxify the body and promote relaxation. Far-infrared technology works by safely penetrating the skin with healthy doses of deep heat. Raising the body's temperature aids the function of many processes, including detoxification, circulation, metabolism, muscle and joint symptom relief and more.

These new mat’s feature:

  • Red Light Therapy (660nm): Red light therapy works by stimulating mitochondria within cells, boosting energy production and accelerating tissue repair. Excellent for skin care and wound healing.
  • 14 PEMF Programs: Frequencies ranging from 1-99Hz including a manual option, catering to your wellness concerns.
  • Natural Crystals: Turquoise, clear quartz, and black tourmaline. Natural crystals are integrated into our mats for their energetic properties.
  • Low EMR Far-Infrared: 30-70 degrees Celsius.

Sounds pretty good right? One of the best things about these mats is that they are portable so you can use them at home to wind down on workout on, pop them on your seat at the office, or pack it in your bag to take with you when you travel.

Ready to take your self-care to the cellular level and experience the rejuvenating benefits of an Infrared PEMF Mat? Explore the range here and use the code ZOII50 to score $50 off your purchase.


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