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This cult favourite organic beauty brand has just dropped premium skincare products for Men

This cult favourite organic beauty brand has just dropped premium skincare products for Men

Product Launch
22 August 2023

Father's Day is fast approaching, and Edible Beauty have just dropped the perfect gift to celebrate yourself or your Dad, Partner, Brother or fatherly figure in your life.

Say hello to a new range of premium skincare products EB Man, for the guys that want nothing but the best because whilst they might seem convenient, supermarket brands don't cut it when it comes to men's skin!
These pure & powerful skincare products, specifically formulated for men's skin are designed for men who are conscious about the ingredients they use on their skin and want a simple, fuss-free regime that actually works.
If it’s difficult for you (or your partner) to see past generic "all-in-one" conventional male skincare products there are 3 strong reasons to look beyond supermarket brands when it comes to men’s skincare:
Did you know that male hormones and sperm are even more susceptible to the hormone-disrupting effects of chemicals (such as synthetic fragrances and PEGs) than women's hormones? EB Man has been formulated with only the purest food-grade, bio-active ingredients, and does not contain any of the usual "nasties" or synthetic fragrances and preservatives often found in men's skincare.
All-in-one solutions are not effective at cleaning, soothing, hydrating and targeting ageing concerns when it comes to men's skin. The high-performing EB Man Cleanser and Moisturiser duo contains phyto- actives such as White Tea, Squalane and Vitamin B5 to directly address men's skincare woes including lines, greasiness, hydration and texture.
Formulated specifically for men
Men's skin is 25% thicker, tougher and rougher in texture and produces double the amount of sebum with more and larger pores than women's skin! This means generic, mass-produced formulations in a black tube with a synthetic fragrance are not formulated with this in mind. EB Man has been formulated with ingredients that penetrate the deeper layers of male skin, address over-active sebum-producing cells and address concerns with fine lines and wrinkles.
Ready to make the swap to pure & powerful skincare or share it with the special men in your life this Father’s Day? Well for a limited time not only can you access or gift premium men’s skincare that actually works, but you can get 30% off and get it for $54! And if you’re one of the first 50 people to order you’ll also get a pair of soft and sustainable men's trunks by Tani Australia valued at $39.95, because let's face it- men always need more undies!


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