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Uplevel your performance at a new facility that utilises the principles & practices of elite sport

Uplevel your performance at a new facility that utilises the principles & practices of elite sport

29 May 2024

Everyday athletes get ready because there’s a new kid on the block ready to take your training and performance to new heights!

Whether you feel like your training is stagnant, you want to understand your injury risk profile or you simply want to determine whether your training program is right for you, iPerform Lab which has just opened on the Central Coast has the world-class tech that can answer your questions.

The unique testing facility that utilises the principles and practices of elite sports science concept was founded by NRL Strength & Conditioning Coach, Aaron Sculli who is currently working with the Newcastle Knights. Having previously held positions at the Cronulla Sharks, West Tigers, NSW Waratahs, Junior Wallabies and the NSW Institute of Sports, Aaron was an elite amateur boxer, competing in 85 matches both in Australia and internationally prior to coaching athletes so you know you’re in great hands!

“Testing can be beneficial for so many people, whether they want to optimise their performance, or they want to stop getting injured. I have been working with world-class technology for over a decade and I felt it was time to bring it out to the public, as with knowledge, people can better understand their strengths, weaknesses, imbalances, what is working and what is not.”

Bookings are now open for everyday athletes and sports lovers to book in to get their desired profile tested with a robust menu of testing that includes:

  • Injury Risk Profile: An injury risk profile includes screening for risk of common non-contact injuries, such as ACL, calf, hamstring and groin. This information will allow you to focus your training efforts in order to optimise your performance and reduce your risk of injury.
  • Strength Speed & Power Profile: Identify where your strengths and weaknesses are in relation to speed, strength and power. 
  • Sports Ready Profile: The Sport Ready profile is designed for the recreational athlete, gym goer or weekend warrior. This profile will provide you with an overview of your key areas of strength and injury risk areas.
  • Athletic Profile: The Athletic Profile is a combination of all testing profiles. It’s a comprehensive performance profile that includes strength, speed and power, plus an injury risk profile.
Soon iPerform Lab  will also be launching specific testing profiles for specific sports from golfing to surfing and more.

Keen to uplevel your performance? For more information on everything the crew at iPerform Lab can help with and to book, click here.



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