Kynd adds two new Hyaluronic acid skincare vitamins to its range

Kynd adds two new Hyaluronic acid skincare vitamins to its range

Product Launch Announcement
10 May 2022  

Do-good supplement brand Kynd has introduced two new products to its range for skincare from the inside out — Hyaluronic Acid+ and Double Strength Hyaluronic Acid+

Formulated based on scientific evidence, both new vitamins contain Hyaluronic Acid in its pure salt form (sodium hyaluronate) + Vitamin C + Zinc to relieve skin dryness and support skin hydration, elasticity and firmness, hair, skin  and nail health and collagen formation.  

The brand is committed to improving the nutrition of Australians by donating an immunity pouch for every product sold, and is also kinder to the planet with bamboo caps to replace single-use plastic lids. 

Both supplements are now available at Chemist Warehouse.  

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