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NORMAL is the new book about body image & development written by a Plastic Surgeon to his daughter

NORMAL is the new book about body image & development written by a Plastic Surgeon to his daughter

Product Launch
12 September 2023

A plastic surgeon helps parents and young girls spot the difference between what’s “real” and what’s “ideal.”

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Pouria Moradi is well-versed in the many features women and girls dislike about their bodies. But as the father of three daughters, his greatest wish is to help them feel confident and happy in their own skin – not critical of their body and appearance.

Unfortunately, recent research has shown that more than 90 per cent of young Australians have some concern about their body image, with almost 70 per cent admitting they’ve been teased about their looks.

So, what can parents do to help their daughters navigate these emotional complexities? And how can young girls find acceptance in who they are while also acknowledging when they need help? These are just some of the questions Dr. Moradi answers in his debut book, Normal, which aims to help young girls reclaim their self-esteem and equip parents with the tools to raise body-positive women.

“Sadly, girls are often judged harshly. And, as studies clearly show, teens with low self-esteem are more likely to engage in high-risk behaviours such as excessive dieting, and disordered eating,” writes Dr Moradi.

“I address all these things in this book. As I tell my daughters, and now you: try your best to tune out the negative noise, and focus instead on making healthy life choices, including education, nutrition, and exercise.”

An expert’s perspective

From medical-backed advice on the topics of body dysmorphia and eating disorders to the impact of unrealistic body ideals portrayed by the media, Normal provides parents and young girls with all the information required to navigate the ups and downs of finding your self-confidence.

As both a plastic surgeon and father, Dr. Moradi is able to provide a unique perspective on the topics of self-esteem and body image, and while he acknowledges that there is no “perfect” appearance, he also knows the value plastic surgery can have.

For some young girls, certain physical irregularities (such as
extremely asymmetrical breasts, protruding ears or nasal-
related breathing problems), can have a detrimental impact on
their mental health. It’s for this reason that Dr. Moradi explains the
realities of common plastic surgeries in Normal, allowing parents and girls to make an informed decision.page1image37974832 

The ultimate handbook

Whether you’re a parent, carer or young girl, Normal provides a thoughtful and thorough guide to navigating the struggles of adolescence. Body image is one of the greatest challenges young girls must face, but with the non-judgemental, medically sound advice in Normal, they now have a handbook to guide them.

About the author

Dr Pouria Moradi is a specialist plastic surgeon and a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. He has worked in specialist surgical units in England Europe and Australia. He has published peer-reviewed articles and has a passion for clinical leadership and education. Outside his practice, he is a consultant at Prince of Wales, Royal Hospital for Women’s and Sydney Children’s Hospitals. Dr Moradi is also the father of three daughters, and together they are navigating the impact of media images and social pressures that blur the lines between ideal and real.


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