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The new training phenomenon sweeping through Sydney

The new training phenomenon sweeping through Sydney

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    By Combine Air | Combine Air | Rozelle & Concord, NSW


The new training concept, Combine Air, is a high-altitude phenomenon that unlocks the science that elite athletes have been using for over 50 years to gain a competitive advantage, delivering it to the mainstream market as the ultimate fun, engaging and diverse health and fitness service.

Combine Air Training is unique in that the training environment is 13.5-14% oxygen or the equivalent of exercising at 3500m above sea level, making it the most effective workout available. The programming combines resistance, conditioning, boxing and hybrid training which is delivered in 8-week periodised seasons. This form of training promotes greater physiological adaptations, avoids overtraining and injury, facilitating greater overall benefits.

Each 50-minute squad-based training session is designed to empower ALL-STARS to live their best life on and off the field, developing a passion for the game whilst instilling teamwork, drive and individual sportsmanship – just like the pros. Add the electric coaches, beats and a squad that supports you through and through... you’re in for one hell of a session.

Training at CA you will burn more calories in every session, experience an extended afterburn of fat stores, build greater lean muscle mass, and enhance athletic performance, speed and power.

Directors & Co-Founders Peter Hickey and Scott Reynolds have been working in the simulated altitude training space since 2014 with Peak Altitude Training which was previously more targeted at athletes and adventure travellers. The brainchild for Combine Air was to make simulated altitude the training environment of choice for athletes and health and fitness enthusiasts worldwide and to make the Combine Air brand synonymous with simulated altitude training.

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