Life by Design Workshop #2: Empowering Your Perceptions

Life by Design Workshop #2: Empowering Your Perceptions

FREE 90 Minute Self Care Workshop Hosted by Kinesiologist, Katherine Anderson and Peak Performance & Wellbeing Coach, Jen Lewis.

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Free 90 Minute Self Care Workshop
Life by Design Workshop Series
Workshop 2: Empowering Your Perceptions

Opening your mind is a revolutionary act.
In this second Life by Design series workshop, we deep-dive into the origin of perceptions and explore how they shape our life’s experiences.
Join Peak Performance & Wellbeing Coach, Jen Lewis and Kinesiologist, Katherine Anderson; for this FREE 90 minute self care workshop and learn to objectively assess your subconscious habits and thoughts so you can:

  • explore and challenge negative belief systems that are holding you back
  • create conscious choices and respond to stress skilfully
  • learn techniques to reverse your stress response
Further exploring the exciting space where Neuroscience meets Kinesiology, you will leave this workshop with a new awareness regarding the perceptions that drive your behaviour, equipped with new tools to enable positive shifts.
A perfect opportunity to upgrade your level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence at one of our community-focussed Self Care Sundays at the Little B.I.G. House in Summer Hill.
NOTE: Although Life by Design is a series of workshops, they have been designed to be experienced as stand-alone workshops, therefore you need not have attended the previous workshop in order to enjoy current ones. Feel free to join us on any part of the journey.
  • Suitable for ages 16+
  • Spaces are limited - reserve your spot today.
  • Covid safe practices in place.
  • Please bring a mask to the workshop.

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