• Date Sat, 28 May 2022  - Sat, 28 May 2022
  • Time 7:00 AM  - 8:00 AM
  • Location Kingsgrove, NSW
  • Price $70.00 - $
  • Organiser Platinum Training Academy


Details are below:
MAX people allowed to enter the competition is 40 people
There will be a food truck outside on the day with food and water and coffee provided on the day.

Novice 3 Lift Powerlifting Competition
WHEN: Saturday 28th MAY 2022
PRICE: $70 each competitor to pay using our online platform

WHAT: This is an UN-Sanctioned event, open to novice lifters interested in gaining experience in a powerlifting competition. Anybody can enter. Wrists wraps/knee wraps are allowed along with Normal Gym Clothing.

Membership with a federation is not needed to compete in this competition.

WHERE: Platinum Training Academy (Unit 8/1 The Crescent, Kingsgrove)

WEIGH IN: Saturday 7am - 8am (STRICTLY)

RULES: We will have a ‘lifters briefing’ 1hr before lifting starts, we will be following the GPC rulebook for lifting commands.

SQUAT: Ref will give a start command once you have un-racked the weight and are steady. Squat down till hip crease is below the knee, stand up fully erect and steady. Wait for the ref to give a rack command to return the bar to the rack.

BENCH PRESS: Ref will give a start command once you have un-racked the bar and the weight is steady. Lower bar down till it touches your chest. Bar must be stationary on the chest, ref will give a press command. Press the bar back up until your elbows are locked out. Keep it steady and wait for the ref to give the rack command to return the bar to the rack.

DEADLIFT: Start when you're ready. Lift the bar up till knees, hips and shoulders are locked out. You will get a down command from the ref. Lower the bar down under control, hands must remain attached to the bar till it is placed back on the floor.

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