Workplace Wellness for You!

Workplace Wellness for You!

  • Date Fri, 27 May 2022  - Fri, 27 May 2022
  • Time 9:00 AM  - 5:00 PM
  • Location Sydney, NSW
  • Price $633.03 - $
  • Organiser Mount Skills

This training is 1 day in total with 8 hours of fun learning environment. You get course completion certificate by Mount Skills.
About this event

Workplace Wellness is about organisations and individuals taking a proactive approach to ensuring the health and wellbeing of their workforce. By focusing on the wellness of employees, organisations can help prevent issues with mental and physical health, reducing stress levels and absenteeism and ultimately improving performance. Raising awareness will help encourage people to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. Therefore, these training course materials are aimed at anyone that needs to develop a heightened awareness of workplace wellness for both the organisation and themselves
Course Contents:
The term ‘wellness’ can be defined in many ways; the simplest being ‘the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.’
This training will help employees to focus on the positive improvements they can make to their daily life in order to increase their health and wellness.

  • Module 1: Introduction and Objectives
  • Module 2: The History of Wellness
  • Module 3: Why Corporate Wellness is So Important Today
  • Module 4: Thought Awareness
  • Module 5: Rational and Positive Thinking
  • Module 6: The Six Dimensions of Wellness
  • Module 7: Setting Personal Goals and Objectives
  • Module 8: Wellness Starts at Work
  • Module 9: Creating Work-Life Balance
  • Module 10: Wellness Action Plans
  • Module 11: Case Studies
  • Module 12: Management Support for Wellness
Course Feature:
By the end of this training, you will be able to:
  • Define wellness and its importance in the workplace
  • Practice rational and positive thinking
  • Apply the six dimensions of wellness
  • Explain the importance of work-life balance
  • Describe the business case for wellness
Once after the training, you receive course completion certificate from Mount Skills
Target Audience:
  • Anybody who is interested in learning Wellness Skills.
Course Materials:
  • Attendees will receive a course manual with presentation slides and reference materials.
Technical Requirements:
For eBooks:
  • Internet for downloading the eBook
  • Laptop, tablet, Smartphone, eReader (No Kindle)
  • Adobe DRM supported software (e.g. Digital Editions, Bluefire Reader)
  • eBook download and activation instructions

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Book Event

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