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[mo]re than a run, powered by lululemon 2023

[mo]re than a run, powered by lululemon 2023

  • Date Sat, 25 Nov 2023  - Sat, 25 Nov 2023
  • Time 8:00 AM  - 1:00 PM
  • Location anywhere, NSW
  • Organiser [mo]re than a run

[mo]re than a run, powered by lululemon is back again for 2023 and will take place on Saturday the 25th of November across Australia and New Zealand.
With over $1.45 million raised for Movember the running community will once again come together for a common cause.
The great thing about [mo]re than a run powered by lululemon is that you can take part from where you are. This is a decentralised event meaning that although we are not all running in the same location, we are all running together for the same cause. We are all lacing up our running shoes on the last Saturday of November and going out to do some kms for all of the fathers, sons, brothers and partners in our lives.
You can choose one of 3 distances:

  • Movember 10- For the one in ten men around the world living with an anxiety disorder.
  • Movember 30 - For the 30% rise in the number of Australian men dying by suicide over the last decade.
  • Movember 60- For the 60 men we lose to suicide each hour, every hour around the world.
  • Movember Kick-off with lululemon | November 1st- Mark your calendars for November 1st, as we join hands with our major partner lululemon for an launch event. A great chance to come together as a city wide community and start that Movember feeling.
  • [mo]re than a run Event day | November 25th - On this special day, runners from all over Australia and New Zealand will unite to challenge themselves in a 10km, 30km, or 60km distance from wherever your community may be.
Simply register your details here, select your most relevant location in the next steps and you will receive [mo]re specific details on how the running community is mobilising in your local area.
This event is decentralised in its approach, meaning you can take part from anywhere in the world and know you are running with thousands of other runners to make an impact on mental health and suicide prevention.
You don't have to be a part of a run club, you can run this solo or with a group of friends and feel free to join the [mo]re than a run team on Movember to raise much needed funds and awareness for this incredible cause.
You can find the link to the [mo]re than a run Movember team below
Follow along via instagram @more_than_a_run and feel free to tag us in all your running content.
We will always re-share and showcase this incredible community.
Head to www.morethanarun.com.au for [mo]re information.

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