The Shift for Men has opened their latest course intake

The Shift for Men has opened their latest course intake

02 August 2022


Deepen connection, develop capacity & strengthen your mental fitness.

When you’re feeling depleted, overwhelmed or stressed, how do you resource yourself? The Shift for Men is a practical course that supports you in creating positive change and expanding your capacity to handle life's inevitable ebbs and flows.

You'll learn to:
  • Strengthen your mental fitness
  • Engage in a powerful community that supports you to reflect upon life
  • Develop a sustainable daily meditation practice
  • Enhance your ability to communicate effectively with authenticity & clarity
  • Build the foundation for a powerful & meaningful change in your life
  • Create a profound shift in your life
Course Registration Link:

This 8-week course teaches:

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness 
  • Breathwork 
  • Resilience & Capacity Building
  • Self Awareness
The Shift course has only 5 intakes per year with groups limited to 10 people.
Available online Nationally OR 'face to face' courses in the Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. 

Course Start Dates: Week of 29th August 2022 - (7-9 pm) for 8 weeks
Only 10 people per course Max. 

Special Early Bird Offer:

$200 off the course registration fee when you enrol by 15th August 9am
($150 off when you choose installments)

Enter code at checkout: JP200

About the Shift Course:

The Shift is a practical course that supports you to create positive change and expands your capacity to handle life's inevitable ebb's and flows.

Why so many people participate in the Shift course is because it makes a profound and sustained difference in their lives. 

It does this by providing an accessible pathway into the practice of meditation and a proven methodology to embed meditating twice a day for 20 minutes, into their lives as an ongoing practice. 

Our participants also acknowledge that all of our facilitators talk from their own direct experience, and share authentically and vulnerably their own challenges and pitfalls, and how a regular practice of meditation has impacted their worlds. 

This opens up a whole new conversation around purpose, priorities, capacity, resilience, connection and what it means to live a life that works.  All of those concepts are broken down into simple, practical and useful ideas so that participants can clearly relate to them and apply them to their whole lives. 

As this process is occurring within a group framework another unexpected element emerges – that of sitting in circle with other like-minded people all with their own stories, their own challenges and victories.  

The Sit Community



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