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Guys, these are the books to get around suggested by men to support your overall happiness and wellbeing

When it comes to making sense of all the health advice out there and helping yourself to form new habits that look after your mind and body, books are one of the most useful tools you can leverage offering up insights from a wide range of pros in their fields…but where to begin?! 
In celebration of Men’s Health Week a couple of weeks ago, we asked a bunch of growth-focussed men what books they’ve found most useful on their journeys to pull together a line-up of recs. Whether it’s for yourself or a gift for a good mate in your life, these are the top reads to get around to support your overall happiness and wellbeing- and best of all they’re all available on Audible.
The Way of the Superior Man — David Dieda
Self-titled as ‘A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire’, this book explores the most important aspects of men’s lives, from career and family to women, intimacy, love, and spirituality. If you’ve ever struggled with how to best harness or direct your masculinity, this book is a bible for cultivating your masculine energy to be expressed in your life with integrity, authenticity, and freedom.
Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter — 50 Cent & Robert Green
This one’s for all our entrepreneurs and hustlers. Think music and self-help don’t go together? Think again. Get a glimpse behind the curtain as Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson shares his journey from personal loss to business triumph in this book offering unique self-help advice on embracing change and creating comebacks in your life. 
Peaks and Valleys — Spencer Johnson M.D
Life lessons told through a seemingly simple story of a young man living unhappily in a valley who one day meets an old, wise man living on a mountain, not knowing he’s one of the most peaceful and successful people in the world. The story imparts remarkable principles, practical tools and deep wisdom relevant to living in today’s world and all it throws our way. 
48 Laws of Power — Robert Green
This cutting-edge, multi-million-copy bestseller distils 3,000 years of power dynamics into 48 essential laws to live your life by. Drawing from Machiavelli, Sun Tzu and more, each law teaches crucial strategies for carrying yourself through and mastering this game of life. Get ready to think differently.
Meditations —  Marcus Aurelius
Originally written in Greek by the philosopher-emperor Marcus Aurelius, Meditations was never written to be published as a book, rather these profound reflections and exercises were developed as Aurelius sought to understand himself and the cosmos. This book has now become a cornerstone of philosophy admired for its timeless wisdom that still stands today. 

The Alchemist — Paulo Coelho 
This fable classic traversing the Middle East tells the story of a young shepherd on his journey to find a hidden treasure. Lessons of self-discovery and spirituality are taught through various characters who teach him about following his personal legend and listening to his heart, which we can all apply in our lives.
Extreme Ownership — Jocko Willink and Leif Babin
A huge part of embracing healthy masculine energy is learning how to become a leader. In this book you’ll tap into Navy SEAL experience giving you insight on key leadership concepts such as accountability, discipline, and teamwork, teaching you everything about leadership from effectively manage teams to driving success in any kind of environment.
Stealing Fire — Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler
Explore how high performers in various fields harness altered states of consciousness to achieve peak performance and creativity. Within its pages, delve into the latest neuroscience offering practical advice on how to tap into these states for enhanced productivity and innovation, perfect for any man wanting to unlock their full potential.
Indistractable — Nir Eyal
This is your comprehensive guide to overcoming distractions and maintaining focus in a world full of interruptions and distractions. The book contains practical strategies and psychological insights to help you build habits that foster deep work and productivity, something we could all use a little extra help with these days. Here’s to kicking goals!
Way of the Peaceful Warrior — Dan Millman
Follow the author’s journey from talented gymnast to spiritual seeker. Guided by his mentor, Millman learns life-changing lessons about mindfulness, inner peace, and personal growth in this inspiring must-read for seeking balance and purpose in your life. 
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About the Author: Zoii Editorial Team

Our in-house Zoii editorial team is comprised of two very passionate wellness lovers who are healthy cookie aficionado's, enjoy long walks on the beach, getting their downward dog on, and working up a sweat in their running shoes. Most importantly, they're passionate about helping inspire you to enjoy every day as a lover of health and wellness.

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