New product launch: complete meal powder with gut and brain health additions!

New product launch: complete meal powder with gut and brain health additions!

Product Launch Announcement
04 March 2021

🚨vybey complete meal powder is here! 🚨

Aussie brand creates first meal shake that focusses on complete nutrition, gut and brain health.

vybey’s mission is to provide convenient and affordable healthy food whilst giving back to less fortunate communities.

The brand have positioned their new products as ‘the future of nutrition’ with a focus on:

(1) complete nutrition;

(2) gut health; &

(3) brain health.

Aiming their new line at health-conscious individuals short on time.


vybey’s complete meal powder is so much more than just a protein shake; it is a nutritiously complete powdered meal coming in two varieties – plant based chocolate caramel flavour and dairy based smooth vanilla.


vybey’s extremely tasty complete meal shakes provide you with everything you need from a meal in powder form. This includes 29g protein, 26 vitamins & minerals, slow releasing carbs, essential fats, pre & probiotics, nootropics and fibre.


This is vybey’s second product launch following their successful ready-to-drink offering released in 2019. The new powder follows a very similar theme of providing exceptionally convenient and affordable healthy meals to Aussie & Kiwi based ‘vybers’.


Giving back to the less fortunate is a key part of the brand's mission. Therefore, the brand has pledged that for every online order they will donate one meal to children in need through their charity partner, Mary’s Meals.

Pre-order now via their website for delivery early March! Enjoy 10% discount using the code zoii10 - available until midnight 15th March 2021.


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