Recoil S2 Premium Suspension Trainer - Raising the bar on Suspension Training

Recoil S2 Premium Suspension Trainer - Raising the bar on Suspension Training

Product Launch Announcement
08 December 2020

RECOIL S2 is the biggest innovation in suspension training since the first products hit the market over a decade ago. Invented by a former British Forces Mechanic who simply wanted more out of his training equipment

Suspension training has become hugely popular in recent years and for good reason. It caters for all fitness levels, can be pretty much done anywhere and a single device can perform hundreds of exercises for the entire body. The devices themselves however aren't without limitations and have seen little innovation since the first products entered the market back in 2004.

Key Features Include:

  • Quick and easy push button adjustment
  • Constantly even strap lengths
  • Large primary adjustment range (head to toe)
  • Tidy and tangle free storage
  • Clean, minimalistic design

RECOIL has completely reinvented this popular form of training and given it a sleek new look with their flagship product the RECOIL S2. What makes the S2 standout from the competition is it's patented design and push button adjustment mechanism. This gives it many benefits over other products to improve your overall workout experience.

Several mounting options are available. A lashing strap is included, this can be mounted over bars or beams and provides additional height adjustment. A carry bag cleverly transforms into a door mount allowing the S2 to be suspended from a door, perfect for home, office or hotel workouts. For more permanent installations such as in gyms, a wall or ceiling mount can be used.

The exercise range is vast, targeting single and multiple muscle groups whilst also engaging your core. Often your entire body will be working to stabilize itself meaning the ligaments and smaller muscles that usually get forgotten about will be hard to work too. Resistance can be varied from almost zero all the way up to your full bodyweight simply by adjusting your body position or the strap length.

Longer strap lengths and quicker adjustments give it unmatched performance and versatility and with a larger adjustment range comes more exercises. As well as the familiar favourites using long and medium strap lengths the S2 can be quickly shortened to above your head making it possible to perform pull ups, leg raises, and other hanging exercises. Pull up progressions are also possible for those who havent quite mastered a full one yet. Whether your a professional athlete or completely new to fitness RECOIL S2 will challenge your abilities like no other tool available making it the ULTIMATE Exercise Device.

Instagram: @recoiltrainingau


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