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Sugar Beach Ranch is changing the wellness landscape with equine-focused Sweet Retreats

Sugar Beach Ranch is changing the wellness landscape with equine-focused Sweet Retreats

Industry Announcement
    By BPR | Sugar Beach Ranch | Sydney , NSW

Embark on a journey of rewilding and connection at the exclusive Sugar Beach Ranch in
Ballina, NSW, and its newly launched Sweet Retreats. Kicking off on May 24th, the three-day,
women’s-only retreats will see guests immerse themselves in the sprawling natural
playground that surrounds the fully equipped horse ranch – not to mention getting up close
and personal with the friendly equine residents.

The property was owned by music industry legend Chris ‘CM’ Murphy OAM, the late
manager of INXS. Sugar Beach Ranch is now lovingly helmed by his eldest daughter,
Stevey Arena, alongside her husband and two children. Backed by more than 20 years’
experience as a special and corporate events planner, Arena has opened the gates of Sugar
Beach Ranch to carry on her father’s legacy.

“After years of living in the fast lane, my father moved to Sugar Beach Ranch to indulge his
love of agriculture and horse training,” says Arena. “The times we spent riding along the
beach and exploring the lush hinterland are some of my fondest memories. With our new
Sweet Retreats, we’re allowing others to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the digital
age and rediscover their authentic self, alongside our beautiful horses.”

A sweet escape
Curated by women, for women, Sweet Retreats provides guests with an opportunity to
unwind, relax, and cultivate inner peace – but not just with yoga and green juices. Drawing
on the principles of equine therapy, Arena, alongside equine psychotherapist Maxime
Willems, will take guests on a journey of self-discovery.
“As creatures of prey, horses are master observers and
hypersensitive to movement and emotions,” Willems
explains. “They offer instant feedback on our own personal
presence and relational dynamics, but they do so without
judgement. Handling and interacting with horses can teach
you how to be more present, which is something we could
all use a little more help with.”

Attendees will also be treated to five-star cuisine and given
the chance to participate in grounding activities such as
yoga, meditation and breathwork, alfresco equine painting,
sound bowl healing, regenerative planting, dove releases,
and nature therapy and ceremonies. Guests will glamp
under the stars in a private or shared tent and have access
to a resort-sized magnesium swimming pool, plus the 60
stunning acres of the ranch’s estate.

Sweet Retreats Women’s Wellness Retreats will be held on
May 24 th -26 th , June 28 th -30 th , and September 20 th -22 nd .
Prices start from $2,599.
For more information visit www.sugarbeachranch.com

As well as offering women a safe space to nurture and reconnect with both their bodies and
minds, Sugar Beach Ranch Sweet Retreats will soon cater to couples wanting to escape the

daily grind and deepen their connection. Launching in September, this retreat is the perfect
opportunity to rediscover – and reignite – your relationship.

Arena and Willems currently offer half- and full-day equine-assisted team-building
workshops for employers looking to elevate their team’s dynamics and ignite a renewed
sense of purpose. Harnessing the powerful feedback from horses, teams will learn to
connect on a deeper level and communicate more effectively.

Set on 60 acres of unspoiled coastline, Sugar Beach Ranch is a secluded gem in the
Northern Rivers boasting unparalleled access to 30km of unspoilt beaches, coastal walking
trails and luscious horse paddocks. Located an easy 40-minute drive south of Byron Bay, the
ranch boasts two self-contained bungalows, which can be booked via Airbnb, an intimate
campground and a resort-sized magnesium salt pool. The ideal setting for a wellness
escape, the ranch is also the ultimate location for weddings, elopements, photoshoots,
corporate events, and full-scale productions. It remains a fully equipped horse ranch, with its
equine residents remaining the heart and soul of the estate.

As the founder of Surfing Cowboys Special Events, Stevey Arena brings a wealth of
experience to her new role as manager of Sugar Beach Ranch. Drawing on more than 20
years’ experience as an events planner and fuelled by her passion for equine wellness and
holistic wellbeing, Arena has created an array of truly transformative experiences for
individuals, couples and teams seeking rejuvenation and personal growth.

With a background in sociology and education and accreditation from the Equine
Psychotherapy Institute, Maxime Willems fosters deep connections between individuals and
horses, harnessing the therapeutic power of equine interactions. Alongside her dedicated
team, she curates dynamic equine assisted team-building sessions at the enchanting Sugar
Beach Ranch. It's here, surrounded by nature's beauty, that Maxime cultivates an
environment conducive to growth and connection.

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