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We help you win at business by putting the ability for you to get immediate exposure in your hands

Zoii for Business supports your business, brand, or event to be seen, to be discoverable by those that want to know about it, and to keep you connected to a community of business owners and brands that value the same thing you do- helping people feel and perform better, to live life to the fullest- to thrive.

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Connection and community is at the heart of what drives us.

When it comes to leading a healthy, happy life personally and professionally what you're connected to, and the community of people you're surrounded by are everything.

Zoii for Business is made up of a community of business owners, brands, and professionals working to improve the lives of others through the gift of health and well-being, that are wanting to grow and thrive.

Get immediate exposure.
Be the first to know.
Save time and energy.

Finding cost effective channels to help put your amazing product, service or event in front of those that want to know about it, whilst keeping up with what’s happening in the industry and finding quick and easy ways to connect with other businesses and brands that could be the start of a beautiful friendship or business collaboration is easier said than done.
That’s where Zoii for Business comes in.

Join hundreds of your peers in the health & wellness industry leveraging Zoii for Business

As an online publisher focused on bringing the latest and greatest of health and wellness all together in one place, Zoii for Business gives businesses and brands in the industry an online portal to connect with one another and to self-share, promote, and get exposure for announcements, launches, openings, special offers, events and career opportunities to both their industry peers and to lovers of the healthy, active life.

Get complimentary lifetime access to our Zoii for Business portal when you sign up to recieve our weekly Inside Scoop, designed to give you a weekly snapshot of the latest and greatest relevant for you as a business owner in the industry.

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"I created Zoii for Business to help bring business owners with the same passion together, and to give them the tools, community, and a platform for exposure to grow and evolve.

Business is hard. I know because I own one, and I want all business owners and brands across the health and wellness industry to feel supported. Too many brands and businesses disolve because they don't have the right support around them, or because not enough people know they exist.

Whilst we can't be the answer to all of your business needs,  what we can absolutely be is a piece of the puzzle, and a conduit to the other pieces that can help you thrive."

- Georgia Nides, Founder & CEO

Why businesses, brands, and event organisers in the health & wellness industry
are choosing to be part of Zoii for Business


Your announcement, event, service, or product shouldn't be a best kept secret. We want to help you get immediate exposure and spread the word, connecting those that want to know about your product or service to you. Connect with your peers, complimentary brands and businesses to establish partnerships, friendships and business collaborations that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.


Be part of a supportive community that values the same things you do. Access special offers. Stay across the latest from all of your favourite wellness publications and key industry, marketing and business news keeping you ahead of the game to make sure you’re leading and not just following.


What your peers are saying

"The legends at Zoii welcomed us in Sydney with open arms. They know health and wellness and are the first to know what’s new! Check out Zoii to get on the front foot with all things well-being in your hood."

- Natalie Wildbell, Greene St, Juice Co
"I’ve found Zoii to be an invaluable resource for connecting me with potential photography clients and sponsors and partners for my events. The Bulletin Board has been key to assisting me to secure goodie bag sponsors, and the Events Calendar has helped to increase ticket sales across all my events. Zoii has supported my business on all levels and is my go-to for connecting with my audience and potential clients. The team at Zoii are a dream to work with. "

- Candice Epthorp, Hashtag Yogi
"As a PR agency I find Zoii to be such a helpful resource to stay across what’s happening in the industry in a quick and easy way. Zoii has also proven to be a great way to get exposure for my clients around product activations and launches and has also enabled us to connect with new clients and gain new business."

- Hannah O'Donnell, Straight Up PR
"Zoii is my favourite platform and go-to for keeping me in the loop on new wellness services, products and upcoming health events. They run a tonne of giveaways so I suggest following them on social!"

- Jessica Olsen
"Zoii was an enormous support for us in building awareness around the Fuel Women’s Fitness Business Summit. Not only we were able to list the event on the Events Calendar to help drive registrations, but the reach they had with brands for products for our attendee swag bag was out of this world. Georgia and her team made us feel well taken care of."

- Deb Goldberg, Fuel Summit
The platform is such a fantastic way for me to be able to spread the word on new launches, products and events but is always an ingenious way to stay connected with what is going on in the health and wellness industry. One of the challenges of running a business over the past two years has become building networks, feeling valued and being heard. Georgia and her team have perfected this in their platform. I highly recommend all health and wellness business owners join the beautiful community on this platform.

- Anna Mitsios, Edible Beauty

How to join our Zoii for Business community and what does it cost?

Access to our Zoii for Business portal is free to business owners within the health and wellness industry. The first step to join our community and access the Zoii for Business private portal is to sign up to receive our Zoii for Business Industry Inside Scoop which you can do below by entering your full name and business email address. Once you’ve done that you’ll land on a page where you can provide some additional details including your business name, and then your complimentary access will be granted!

You’ll immediately land within the portal and be able to start sharing and viewing information.

Included in your complimentary Zoii for Business portal access is the ability to self-share announcements, offers, and events which will be published on our What's New, What's On, and What's Hot pages (provided it’s relevant for our consumer audience) along with ‘do follow’ links to support your SEO.

To supplement this, there are also additional paid offerings you can take up which you'll find more info on within the Zoii for Business portal.

Give yourself and your business the best chance to thrive by becoming part of our Zoii for Business community.

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In good company

We're proud of the businesses and brands that are part of our Zoii for Business community. Here's a few who have been thriving with us.

What we believe in

The value that health & wellness businesses bring to people’s lives


Larger more established businesses having a means to support the little guys that are where they once were


All businesses having a chance to get the exposure and connections they need to thrive


The power of community, partnerships and collaboration as a way to further and better business

What we believe in

Taking care of our planet is part of supporting the health and wellbeing of Australians


Regardless of someone’s race or background they’re in entitled to a healthy, happy life


That the little things matter, and in making an effort to make our community feel special at every opportunity


We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of country

Zoii acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their Elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.

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