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Editorial Policy

Zoii - Editorial Policy

1. Editorial Policy
  • 1.1.   Zoi has a strict, ongoing commitment to ensure all editorial news content published is factually accurate, balanced, ethical and well researched. Zoii's aim is to provide positive and engaging content that does not belittle or demean individuals or groups.
  • 1.2.   Zoii and Zoii's Contributors endeavour to create content that informs, inspires and offers recommendations to its audience. Zoii writes about businesses, events and services and products we believe our audience will be interested in.
  • 1.3.   This Editorial Policy sets out the guiding principles and approach Zoii and Contributors must follow in respect of any Content published on the Zoii Online Platforms.
  • 1.4.   All defined terms in this Editorial Policy shall be as defined in Zoii's Website Terms and Conditions of Use unless stated otherwise.
2. Standards

Zoii and all contributors, whether Users, Business Members or third parties (Contributors) must comply with the following standards when publishing or providing Content to Zoii for publication on Zoii's Online Platforms:

  • 2.1.   Impartiality - all Content must reflect an accurate representation of a persons experience on a particular topic and present a fair and respectful view. No negative or clearly biased opinions will be published.
  • 2.2.   Accuracy - all Content must present accurate and up to date information with reference to credible sources where data and/or statistics are being referenced.
  • 2.3.   Ethical alignment -Content must not contain abusive or objectionable content, including but not limited to discriminatory, racists, pornographic, threatening or abusive material.
  • 2.4.   Classification - Content must be clearly distinguished as either, editorial, opinion or advertisement.
  • 2.5.   Compliant - Content must not be plagiarised or breach any copyright or other intellectual property laws. Where third party work is being used, the original author or designer should be credited and if necessary, their consent obtained prior to publication.
3. Revisions and Corrections
  • 3.1.   Zoii reserves the right to filter, modify, publish and permanently remove any Content on the Online Platform in its sole and unfettered discretion either prior to or after first publication.
  • 3.2.   Some of the circumstances where Zoii will exercise its right under clause 3.1 include, where:

    (a) the Content is not fully compliant with this Editorial Policy;
    (b) the Content is not fully compliant with the Website Terms and Conditions of Use;
    (c) Zoii considers different Content titles may be more effective or relevant;
    (d) Zoii is correcting spelling, formatting, or language issues; and
    (e) Zoii considers different wording is more effective or relevant; and
    (f) Zoii considers the Content is not aligned to Zoii's values.

Complaints or Feedback
  • 4.1.   If an individual wishes to contact Zoii to provide feedback or has a complaint about any Content published on our Online Platforms, they should address their communication by email to

Version Date: 2 September 2022

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