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How we work with businesses

Our vision is to support the growing health and wellness industry in Australia to make a healthy, active way of life more accessible to all Australians. For us that starts with supporting the businesses, brands and professionals that provide health and wellness products and services to Australian consumers.
Being a business owner in the health and wellness industry brings huge rewards. Helping people, move, heal and live better is what drives you to succeed. But building and maintaining a network of contacts and services to support your business can be costly and time consuming. So imagine having instant access to a suite of timesaving tools, market intelligence and rapid connectivity with other businesses as well as industry service providers in your area.
Now you can. Zoii is a private community that has been designed to support businesses in the health and wellness industry, giving you the tools and connections to help your business grow and thrive.

  • Zoii’s bulletin board allows you to quickly connect with industry peers, post questions and respond to call outs that can lead to collaboration and business growth opportunities.
  • Stay up to date with a central industry calendar so you never miss an industry event, workshop or expo. You’ll also be able to publish and share your own events so that they are visible to consumers.
  • Our daily news feed will help you stay on top of industry news, market insights and give you access to all of your favorite publications in one place.
  • Zoii also gives you access to a central industry jobs board, so you have the best chance of finding the right people to help your brand grow.

With the right tools and a network of peers at your fingertips you’ll have more time to do what you love and worry less about keeping things ticking.  

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