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Australian fitness innovator Fitillion personalises group fitness with its smart home and studio gym

Australian fitness innovator Fitillion personalises group fitness with its smart home and studio gym

Press Release
14 June 2022

Fitillion is shaking up the industry with hybridi studio and home training– making it easier than ever for everyday Aussies to reach their fitness goals. 

Developed with people in mind, the game-changing gym franchise is the first to offer a hybrid gym solution that meets everyone’s fitness needs. 

Whether they’re looking to get lean and fit, gain muscle and strength, or be an all-rounder, Fitillion brings a seamless, tech-led fitness experience with its personalised programs.  And, to drive engagement, members are able to train solo or in groups – it’s like being in a sports team where each person plays their unique position, but they are still part of the same match as everyone else.  

By simply choosing a fitness goal and ability level first, Fitillion’s innovative technologies tailor the whole journey, from exercises to meal plans to goal tracking. 

For those wanting to work out from home,there are fun-filled group courses or on-demand workouts that have all been carefully designed to individual fitness goals and skill levels. 

Workouts on the Fitillion platform feature HIIT, strength, resistance, cardio, functional, boxing, kickboxing, mobility and endurance training – easily done with smart, compact equipment. 

Members are able to join public classes, meet new people, or work out in private classes with close friends, and experience in-app video calls while training. 

There’s also the option to join an innovative Fitillion studio gym, which operates off the same technology platform as Fitillion home gyms, making it the first 100% hybrid smart gym brand. 

Fitillion’s studio gym was recently voted as the best strength and weight loss gym in Sydney, and the company has just started selling franchise territories.  

For nutrition, there are delicious recipes and shopping lists, as well as home-delivered meals (only available in Australia), all of which are entirely customised depending on fitness goals, gender, and dietary preferences. 

Tracking live workout metrics is also an option via a Bluetooth heart rate monitor,as well as a smart body composition scale, with market-leading accuracy, to keep track of body fat, weight, and muscle mass, and even a leaderboard to compete against other members. 

Combining everything that a person needs to really achieve their personal fitness goal, Fitillion is an exciting disruptor to the smart home and studio gym market. 

For more information including the availability of franchise territories for the Fitillion studio gym, and to register interest in the Fitillion home gym, visit: https://fitillion.com/.


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