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Your guide to the best Sydney wellness spas and bathhouses to visit solo or with friends

As Sydneysiders we’re spoilt for choice not only when it comes to boutique fitness studios to get our sweat on, but also the best wellness rejuvenation sanctuaries to get our zen on and tap into the latest bio-hacking modalities science has to offer. If you’re looking for a hitlist of the best of the best spaces to explore to rest and reset either solo or with friends in 2024 we’ve got you covered.
You want to know the best thing about this list? It’s not sponsored- just our genuine picks of the best openings of wellness spaces in Sydney this past year.  To get our attention and make the list the space had to meet one key criteria (along with being suitable for both guys and gals)- it had to be unique and doing something no space did that came before it. So let’s shimmy on into it shall we!
Sauna Amalfi- Avalon
If you’ve ever visited Positano- or dreamed of doing so- this space which is an ode to the beauty and tranquillity of Italy's Amalfi Coast will give you a taste of the Mediterranean and have you feeling like you’re a million miles away on any given week when you need some YOU time.
Pack your healthy wholesome treats and grab your crew for a day trip to Sauna Amalfi to indulge in a unique luxury Mediterranean wellness experience and all that is ‘La Dolce Vita’- the sweet life. Soft curves, micro-cement render, travertine flutes, and of course plenty of lemons - a symbol of vitality, detoxification, wellness- is what you’ll be surrounded by when you step into this space reminiscent of the Amalfi Coast.
For anyone who wants to make La Dolce Vita and a holiday state of mind part of their weekly routine (ah, who wouldn’t want to?), a limited number of ‘Amalfi Sociéta’ and ‘Sauna Sociéta’ memberships are available for purchase for a weekly contrast therapy session or sauna session. 
Re|Hub- Bondi Junction

Image credit- ReHub

You might be familiar with connecting with other fitness enthusiasts through Run Clubs and Cycle Clubs- but what about at a weekly ice bath session that immerses you in the shock of cold water, triggering the release of endorphins to enhance your mood, reduce stress levels and boost mental alertness? Not to mention aid muscle recovery and reduce inflammation!
Located in Bondi Junction, Re|Hub Wellness is a dedicated well-being and recovery sanctuary designed to support your ongoing peak physical and mental health, where you can immerse yourself in a recovery service solo, with a friend, or with one of three transformative recovery circuit experiences that empowers you to unlock your full potential and boost your athletic performance.
We’re talking elite-level, luxury services to help you maintain optimal well-being by making your recovery as important as your physical training, including infrared sauna, ice bath therapy, whole body and localised cryotherapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, massage guns, compression therapy, red light therapy, and IV infusions.
In addition to being every fitness lover’s dream recovery space, what really got our attention that sets this space apart is Re|Hub’s fit out and group recovery which clearly focus on creating a community space for social recovery recognising the important role of social connection for overall happiness and vitality. The days of connecting after a Saturday group cycle or social soccer game with a beer at the pub are out- social recovery sessions are in we say!
Fayshell- Bondi Junction & Neutral Bay

Image credit- Fayshell

Australia's first membership-based skin care clinic, Fayshell who have redefined the skincare game are now offering up double the skin love fun with two locations. These groovy neon lit clinics where vibrant orange walls pop channel some seriously retro-chic vibes!
Created in a bid to change the way Aussies undergo in-clinic treatments, Fayshell is a one-stop skincare shop offering results driven facials that are affordable, time efficient and completely customised to your skin to give you a well-deserved customised skin glow up on the regular.
Offering bespoke treatments crafted by dedicated dermal therapists, this ingenious concept is like having a gym for your skin with a monthly membership available to make looking after your skin as simple as possible. Whilst you can head in for a one-off treatment, memberships unlock major cost savings and perks like unlimited access to their plush LED lounge to rejuvenate your skin at a cellular level. Membership benefits also extend across both of Fayshell’s locations making joining this skincare revolution and getting your glow on even easier.
Nature’s Energy Bathhouse- Glebe

Image credit- Nature's Energy

Taking out the title of of Australia's Best Day Spa 2023 and Winner of Oceania's Best Day Spa 2023, Nature's Energy's unisex bathhouse which pampers you with organic herbal tea, filtered water, and a fluffy robe on arrival has a dedicated indoor and outdoor wellness space inspired by traditional European sauna culture so you can soak up all the benefits of both hot and cold therapy either outside in nature or indoors.
This dreamy bathhouse haven has been created with areas specifically designed to help you rejuvenate and unwind, including a large outdoor cedar Finnish sauna with modern glass walls looking onto a canopy of leafy Gumtrees, an Odin Ice Bath cold plunge pool, soothing warm spa, and indoor chromotherapy infrared sauna and Finnish sauna.
If you’d like to make a day of it you can treat yourself with something blissful from Natures Energy’s treatment menu which includes organic facials, specialised and therapeutic massages, and body treatments including a body energising scrub, nourishing body wrap, and Turkish scrub to name a few.
With opening hours until 8pm Friday, 7pm on weekends, and Tuesday's dedicated to women's only communal bathing, Nature’s Energy’s Glebe Bathhouse has definitely earned its place on our list of the best wellness spaces in Sydney.

Nimbus Co- Manly

Image credit- Nimbus Co

As the pioneers and OG’s of infrared sauna studios to open in Sydney back in 2016, Nimbus Co knows what it is to create a space that helps you not only switch off and reconnect to yourself when you visit, but allows you to shop tools to embrace self-nourishing rituals at home.
The latest studio to join Nimbus Co's other three locations, including their original Bondi Beach location which we might add now has a courtyard sauna and ice-bath space, is nestled in Manly.
This wellness space offers up contrast therapy suites for you to indulge in hot/cold therapy at your leisure with a 45-minute nature-inspired track custom made for Nimbus Co in collaboration with artist and composer Matthew Lesser if you choose. Once you’re finished, refresh in your private shower stocked with cruelty-free Aussie botanical Leif products and sip on filtered water and complimentary herbal tea to rehydrate. As you wrap up your restoration time you can peruse the studio shelves which are stocked with a curated range of items including Nimbus Co’s very own line of nutritionist-created health tools so you can keep the rejuvenation experience going in your own home.

The Skin Bar & Bath House- Rozelle

Image credit- The Skin Bar

With anti-aging cosmetic treatments at an all time high, Australia's leading experts in skin needling have not only created multiple clinics that champion the power of skin needling as an alternative to injectables and fillers, but they’ve also gone one step further in supporting Sydney-siders embrace anti-aging and longevity practices through a new offering introduced at their latest space.
Drenched in the signature lush emerald hues that you’ll find at all of The Skin Bar’s clinics, The Skin Bar & Bath House in Rozelle gives you the opportunity to support your longevity through experiencing contrast therapy with the powerful combination of a traditional Swedish sauna and invigorating cold plunges, coupled with a relaxing lounge for breath work and meditation to take pause from your busy day or week.

The Bath House offers the opportunity to gift yourself the ultimate recovery and relaxation for both your mind and body in a space designed to help you disconnect and reset either solo or with a plus one — think lush green plants, luxe emerald green tiling and venetian plaster finished walls. Reap the benefits of improved skin health and appearance, enhanced circulation, stress relief, detoxification, reduced inflammation, enhanced immune function and improved sleep quality.
That completes our round up of the best wellness spaces to open in Sydney in 2023 to help you embrace a happy, healthy life! If you know someone that might appreciate getting the heads up on the greatest Sydney spots to indulge in some well-deserved time for relaxation and rejuvenation make sure you spread the love by passing this on and don’t forget to tag @zoii.sydney when you visit these sanctuaries of wellness! 
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