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Achieve the natural lips of your dreams with Edible Beauty Australia’s new Lip Scrub

Achieve the natural lips of your dreams with Edible Beauty Australia’s new Lip Scrub

Product Launch
05 September 2023

Let's be honest; dry, flaky lips don't look or feel nice. Struggling with chapped lips can be distracting and painful, making your usual pout look anything but desirable.

Lathering dry lips with layers of balm, hoping it will breathe some life into the dry, cracked skin and finally break the cycle is often a go-to strategy. The bad news is, ingredients commonly found in lip balms (phenol, menthol, flavours and paraffin) can make your lips drier, so the more you apply the drier they become after the initial relief wears off - and the vicious cycle continues!

"Ok, so how should I be looking after my lips?" you may be asking.

Well, for most of us, the importance of skin exfoliation is nothing new. Chances are, you already have this step in your skincare routine that involves chemical or physical exfoliation, and it's easy to remember to scrub away at the thicker parts of your skin. We all know that dead skin can act as a barrier to hydration, blocking ingredients in your skincare from penetrating deeply and locking out the moisture your skin desperately needs.

This also applies to your lips!

In an effort to protect the more delicate skin on your lips, you are accidentally skipping the step they need the most – exfoliation!

But WAIT! Before you grab your loofa and start scratching away at your beautiful smile, let me introduce you to a safer, easier, and much tastier way of achieving your dream lips.

"Lips are often overlooked when it comes to our skincare regime! But our customers have been crying out for juicy lips, and there is no better way to do this than a super pure and delicious scrub that actually works. I am so excited about how effective this product is in plumping and hydrating lips but even more so about how ultra “edible” this formula is!" – Anna Mitsios

Edible Beauty Australia’s new Sweet and Juicy Lip Scrub, formulated by Founder and Naturopath, Anna Mitsios, is a lifesaver for your lips.

Anna designed this all-natural lip scrub with organic Sugar to create the ideal consistency– grainy enough to do its job but gentle enough to not irritate your skin. The scrub also stimulates blood flow, bringing it closer to the surface for a subtle plumping effect and a natural rosy flush, whilst omega-rich Shea Butter, Avocado, and Jojoba oil boost moisture long after you've finished scrubbing.

Like anything you put on or near your mouth, the taste matters, and Anna didn’t disappoint there, either! This scrub has a super sweet and more-ish vanilla flavour you'll want to eat... and you can! It’s made from 100% natural ingredients. We really do mean "Edible Beauty".

What's Included?

·         Avocado Oil -abundant in fatty acids, making it the ideal rejuvenator for dry and chapped lips.

·         Shea Butter - Rich in triglycerides, fatty acids and vitamins, this natural ester is an emollient, softening, nourishing, and moisturising your lips. Shea Butter also prevents water loss by forming a protective barrier on the skin, replenishing your lips' moisture barrier.

·         Jojoba Seed Oil - Mimics the natural wax esters of the skin, preventing trans epidermal water loss and retaining lip moisture.

Click here to get yours.



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