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Say hello to The Fast 800 App: It's Better Health, In The Palm Of Your Hand

Say hello to The Fast 800 App: It's Better Health, In The Palm Of Your Hand

Product Launch
10 October 2023

If you're looking to embark on a journey to better health that revolves around real food, balanced nutrition, and achievable exercise, this is for you!

The Fast 800ʼs much-praised Programme is set to launch as an app, making scientifically-based weight loss tools accessible from the touch of your smartphone.

Founded by renowned doctor, Dr Michael Mosley, The Fast 800 programme is based on the latest evidence around healthy living and integrates a low-carb Mediterranean-style diet with intermittent fasting options for long-term health.

Developed to help people lose weight, stay healthy and live longer the online programme and support products have become one of the world's most popular lifestyle programmes.

“The Fast 800 started more than 10 years ago, when I discovered that I had type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. I lost 10 kilos in 8 weeks using the 5:2 diet, a form of intermittent fasting. All these years later, tens of thousands of people have followed my example, lost weight and improved their health using the same revolutionary approach. With our new app, weʼve made it even easier to access all the scientifically based meal plans, exercise, mindfulness and health content that have made so many weight loss journeys possible.”- Dr Michael Mosley

With The Fast 800 app, signing up for the personalised programme is the gateway to better health. Seamlessly log in online or via the app and gain access to a comprehensive library of scientifically-based meal plans, guided exercise, mindfulness, and health content that have already transformed the lives of nearly 100,000 successful participants and has been validated by trusted advisors who work in partnership with the NHS.

The convenience of The Fast 800 App enables you to access your personalised programme anytime, anywhere. Whether you're at the supermarket and need a shopping list, preparing meals in the kitchen, or engaging in a guided workout, the app is there to support users every step of the way.

Find a library of over 700 recipes, integrated into 20 different meal plans. Experience guided, progressive workouts suitable for all fitness levels, ensuring you stay motivated and active. Take advantage of the automated shopping lists, assisting you in making smart choices at the supermarket and keeping you on track with your goals.

The Fast 800 Programme is designed to be flexible and support people with a variety of health goals and circumstances. Some people start with The Very Fast 800 (a 800-900 calorie short-term rapid weight loss approach) if they have a significant amount of weight to lose, or to kick start weight loss, while others start with The 5:2® (intermittent fasting) for a more gentle and sustainable approach, and others opt for The Way of Life plan, for gradual weight loss or to improve their overall health.

The 12-week Programme which you can get your hands on here is $199 and includes:

  • Personalisation quiz to tailor your journey
  • Access to The Very Fast 800, The Fast 800 Keto, The 5:2® and The Way of Life approaches via
  • App and Desktop
  • 700+ easy, tasty recipes to support good health and immunity (many suitable for vegetarians
  • too)
  • Time-saving meal plans (vegetarian, non-vegetarian and keto variations available)
  • Automated shopping lists
  • Guided daily exercise; beginner to advanced videos, all suitable from home
  • Group support from an engaged community of members
  • Motivation and support from a team of Health Coaches
  •  Tools to track waist, weight, HbA1c, sleep and mood
  • Learning content, exclusive articles, mindfulness meditations and more!
  • Dashboard with daily meals, exercise, mindfulness and learning, along with goal progression
  • and reminders
  • ​No blood tests
Learn more about The Fast 800 here.


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