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Monday Body's new eco-friendly activewear line is your passport to style and comfort

Monday Body's new eco-friendly activewear line is your passport to style and comfort

Product Launch
18 October 2023

Are you ready to turn heads at the gym or on your next outdoor adventure? Monday Swim’s new activewear line Monday Active by Monday Body is your passport to style, comfort and confidence while you embrace an active, wellness-focused lifestyle.

Designed to empower you, Monday Active won’t just help you look good, it’s functional ensuring your activewear provides you with the support you need, especially if you’re rocking a fuller bust which is consistent with the heart of what drives Monday Swimwear.

‘We're so excited to bring you Monday Body! There will be many exciting drops and products to come but for our first drop Devin and I are bringing back our beloved activewear range! We've obsessed over the launch collection! Each piece has been designed, tested, and perfected to ensure every element will have you feeling your most confident and supported in every move you make.

Monday Body is about having it all and doing it all while feeling confident and supported. Sexy, supportive pieces made in high quality recycled fabrics that give you lift where you want, shaping where you want, and feel amazing on your body. Our activewear combines comfortability and support with pieces that are sexy and flattering to you, no matter what your shape is.’- Monday Body

From yoga classes to high-intensity workouts, their collection boasts flexibility and support, so you can feel comfortable and confident whilst conquering your fitness goals.

Monday Body isn't just about clothing; it's a lifestyle, and the new line mirrors the founders' dedication to health, wellness, and fun. Renowned entrepreneur and influencer Natasha Oakley and fitness advocate Devin Brugman, the driving forces behind Monday Body are two powerhouses whose passion for wellness and fashion is unmatched.

Comprising of sustainable and eco-friendly materials, the Monday Body range takes its commitment to a healthier planet seriously. You'll find a harmonious blend of recycled polyester and Spandex, resulting in stretchy, breathable, and durable pieces that are as kind to the environment as they are to your body.

Whether you're hitting the beach, the gym, or your favorite hiking trail, Monday Active  ensures you do it style and confidence.
Ready to elevate your active lifestyle? Click here to view the full collection.
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